- "I haven't asked you about love yet," I said, adding, "As you are not doubt aware, this is a subject that has been written about by authors, poets, composers, and artist of all stripes since we've had people on our planet. You haven't addressed yourself to this specific subject, even though you've touched on it in your gifts to us today," I said.
- "You are asking me about this now because you believe that you are in love with me and you're afraid of my leaving you, Isn't that correct?" she asked.
- "Yes, that is true, and much, much more. I've loved you since the first moment I saw you on that television screen. It is a unique love for me. It has nothing to do with your appearance; in fact as I dozed off to sleep last night, I was thinking of you and I couldn't for the life of me remember what you look like. I am, for the only time in my life, in love with rather than a body. With a soul instead of an appearance. I've wrestled with your leaving me today, and while I want to be noble and strong, I must confess that the thought of your disappearing from my life is painful. I need to know how you see this love, your feelings for me, and then perhaps the inner torture that I know I'll experience when I must face life without you will ease," I concluded.
- "You speak of love like most people here. Somehow you've convinced yourself that love itself requires the object of your love to be in your presence for you to be fullfilled. Again, 'incorrect thinking' takes over for you. By your definition of love, you can never be happy in love. Your love is an 'I need you here' love. It requires me, or someone, or even something, external to yourself to satisfy your love desires. But love isn't really like that here on Earth from what I've learned. Love, too, is an inner concept. It is located within you. It is yours to experience for whomever or whatever you choose. It requires no reciprocity. Indeed, when you ask for anything in return, you no longer have love. You then sullied it with expectation and demands, no matter how slight they may be.
"It is precisely because of these expectations that there is so little genuine love on your planet. Most of you are jealous and possessive in your love. When your love turns to possessiveness it makes demands. The demands then alienate the loved one and your incorporate anger and fear into the relationship. With this come bitterness and aggression, and whether we speak of individual love relationships or global interactions, what you call love, but it is in fact ownership and manipulation, takes over and the problems to which I've addressed myself today then flow," she stated.
- "But can we really have love without expectations? Certainly people want their love return, otherwise it would be a one-way proposition," I countered.
- "Your love is located within you. It is your to nurture and savor, to give to others in any way you choose. This is true for others as well. If someone you love fails to return the love the way you would like it returned, that is the other person's choice. It doesn't at all detract from your love. While you may wish that your love were reciprocated. to insist upon reciprocation is to place your ability to love in the hands of others. This notion, while difficult for you to accept, is the very foundation of love. Love must to be without qualifications or demands. I know you wolud like me to say something quite different right now, but your love must not depend on being loved. You must learn to find ecstasy in other people's happiness. You must ask nothing of your love. In fact, love as I define it can be experience only by those who know themselves and have no fear of a detached love. Once you feel love for yourself, it is quite normal to give it away. And giving it away without any expectations can lead to a resolution of most of your Earthly problems. With no expectation you will find it quite easy to love those who refuse to love you. In fact, you will stop looking for antagonisms and enemies and will give love instead. Love is your perfection. Every one of you wants love. Few of you know that love for yourself provides you with the ability to love others, that only a person who experiences love within is capable of genuine detached love," she stated.
- "You mean that a person who loves others by definition of detached nonexpectations is someone who loves himself first? Isn't that a selfish and conceited kind of love" I wondered.
- "It is quite simple, my friend. you can't give away what you don't have. Those who love, love without qualification. They love their assigned enemies and those who would do them what you call 'harm,' and if everyone learned to love in this way, there would be no assigned enemies, and people would practice a kinf of love heretofore limited to only a few of you here on Earth. Love is really the solution, but only when it's used in the sense I've just described. The true test of love is loving those who refuse to return it as you would prefer," she said.
- "I assume that this too means that you'll be leaving me here, and that if love is genuine, it will be within me and that will be enough?" I asked.
- "How could anything you feel be anywhere but withing you?" she asked right back.
- "It can't, but it would be nicer for me if you stayed here and shared that love as well," I countered.
- "But that wouldn't be love you're talking about. It might indeed be nicer, but it would still need my presence here in order for you to love, and that is at the core of all that 'incorrect thinking' I've been talking about since we first met two weeks ago." ...


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