Today is the first day that I decided to write something in English, I don't know why, but I'm doing it. There are too many things that I wanna know but I can't and I couldn't know ever. There are too many questions that I have but I'll never get the answers because who could give them, who could answer them never will do it. So the only thing now is just hold on, wait, wait, wait and hold on, stop, stop, stop and hold on, don't think, don't think, don't think and hold on, move on, move one, move on and hold on, look ahead, look ahead, look ahead and hold on, it is over, it is over, it is over and hold on. Just hold on is the only thing that I can do now to be happy, to have hope, to feel, to smile, to live. Just hold on and everything will pass, and I could forget and I could comeback and BELIEVE.

"Come back and make up a goodbye at least. Let's pretend we had one."


Mi foto
Córdoba Capital, Córdoba, Argentina


Este Blog Lo Cree Como Un Escape, Era Una Necesidad En Cierto Momento, Pero Hoy Es El Lugar Donde Publico Esas Cosas Que Me Gustan, Que Leyendo Por Ahí Encuentro Y Que Dan Un Poco De Tranquilidad Para Mi Alma. Espero Lo Disfrutes. Gracias.