Pain is a sign
illusions reign
in place of truth.

Pain is wrong a perspective.
When it is experienced in any form,
it is a proof of self-deception.
It is not a fact at all.
There is not form it takes
that will nos disappear if seen aright.

Nothing can hurt you
unless you give in the power to do so.

Pain is but the sign
you have misunderstood yourself.

Do you not see that all your misery
comes from the strange belief that you are powerless?

Seek not outside yourself...
For all your pain comes simply from a futile search
for what you want,
insisting where it must be found.

Look about the world,
and see the suffering there.
Is not your heart willing
to bring your weary brothers rest?
They must await your own release.
They stay in chains till you are free.

Pain is the ransom
you have gladly paid
not to be free.

It is your thoughts alone
that cause you pain.
Nothing external to your mind
can hurt you or injure you in any way.
There is not cause beyond yourself
that can reach down and bring oppression.
No one but your self affects you.
There is nothing in the world
that has the power to make you ill or sad,
or weak or frail.
But it is you who have the power
to dominate all things you see
by merely recognizing what you are.

I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.


Mi foto
Córdoba Capital, Córdoba, Argentina


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